A fertile place for the food and beverage industry

Food processors and beverage manufacturers in Randolph County don’t have to go far for their inputs. West Virginia has a very diverse agriculture industry, which includes more than 23,000 farms producing apples, peaches, corn, soybeans, potatoes, carrots, tobacco, and honey. Each year, West Virginia farmers also produce many thousands of pounds of chicken and turkey, beef and pork, sheep and lamb, and farm-raised fish. Dairy and egg production is also a significant part of the agricultural mix here.


Randolph County is an important player in the state’s agricultural production with more than 400 farms and almost 15 percent of the land area devoted to farming.


We have the water and energy you need, too. Several rivers and streams run through the county and provide abundant, high quality water supplies. Our drinking water systems can offer access to up to 3.8 million gallons per day of available clean water and storage capacity of an additional 4.5 million gallons. Randolph County also boasts an abundant supply of electricity and natural gas and some of the lowest rates in the country.


With reliable and affordable energy supplies, huge agricultural inputs nearby, a great workforce, and easy access to markets, Randolph County is a smart choice for food production, distilling, brewing, wine-making, and packaging businesses.


Within just one day’s truck drive, your products can be in the hands and on the plates of more than 133 million hungry consumers in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and most of the other large cities throughout the eastern half of the United States and southern Canada.


Come and grow your business here in Randolph County – one of the most fertile places in the country for the food and beverage industry.